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A dynamic speaker, Genevieve has led workshops, lectures and seminars at a variety of organizations, conferences and institutions including the Adventure Travel Trade Association's AdventureNext Near East conference, the Arabian Travel Market, ITB, Brown University, the American Research Center in Egypt, Oregon State University, World Affairs Council, and the University of Washington. Topics included visual storytelling, video marketing, women in travel and entrepreneurship, War on Walls -  documenting the Arab Spring street art movement, Women Rising - documenting women in Pakistan and Morocco pushing for gender equality through mountaineering, as well as travel seminars on travel in the Middle East and North Africa.

To hire Genevieve contact her at genevieve@genevievehathaway.com to bring her to your conference, panel, organization or onto your program.

Genevieve Hathaway, is available to speak at conferences, panels, workshops, webinars and radio programs.

Lecture, Seminar and Workshop Topic Descriptions:

Be a Storybuilder - Influence Your Customer Through Visual Storytelling

For more advanced businesses, this workshop will focus on how to build effective stories for a brand or company, offering information on the practicalities of storytelling as a content marketing technique. Delegates will learn how to be a storybuilder, enjoying real-world travel photography and film examples that show how individual story components are used to emotionally connect with viewers.

Facilitated by seasoned photographer, filmmaker, and educator Genevieve Hathaway, this session will give attendees the opportunity to learn about and experiment with elements of a good story. It will cover how to create emotional responses, develop characters, build brand identity into your story, and, perhaps most importantly, embed purchase drivers into any story to drive business from your story building efforts. This session is designed to have broad appeal to delegates from a variety of backgrounds — whether you represent a tour operator, destination, or media, the techniques presented will help you create and present stories that capture the hearts and imaginations of your audience. Available in  60 minute and 90 minute formats either as a lecture or an interactive workshop.

War on Walls: Egypt's Arab Spring Street Art, An Alternative Form of Media

This presentation focuses on Egypt's Arab Spring street art movement -- the role it played in the famous uprising and the impact this art movement has had on the Egyptian people. It is based on Genevieve's project to study and document, through photographs, Egypt's Arab Spring street art. The intense social and political unrest of the Arab Spring prompted street artists to voice their points of view through art on walls near Tahrir Square in Cairo and across Egypt. Street art was a defining feature of the Egyptian revolution: raising awareness of political and economic issues, pressuring the regime and governing bodies for change, injecting dark humor into turbulent times, and providing a visual memory of important events and individuals. The street artists' work featured revolutionary slogans, criticisms of the government, portraits of government figures, tributes to martyrs, comments on social issues, and depictions of key revolutionary events. The emerging street art movement was a creative expression of the Egyptian people's frustration and desire for freedom, as well as a way to physically reclaim space in Cairo as belonging to the people rather than the government. This presentation discusses important examples of this extraordinary art movement. This talk aims to convey not only the craft of these artists, but also the messages that inspired the street artists to express the soul and dreams of the Egyptian peoples’ revolution. These murals tell the story of Egypt’s Arab Spring through some of the most beautiful, expressive and iconic wall images ever created. Available in half hour and one hour formats.

Smart and Savvy Travel Skills for the Woman Traveler in the Middle East and North Africa

Whether an experienced traveler or just starting out Genevieve's lecture on smart and savvy women's travel in the Middle East and North Africa is packed with valuable information to help you plan your next trip to the region. The Middle East and North Africa (also termed the MENA region) is a dynamic region with a rich history, interesting modern culture, tasty cuisine and friendly locals. It is a wonderful region for women to travel. With some good information, the Middle East and North Africa can be a great region for solo women travelers. In addition to providing travel tips, this presentation also discusses highlights from the MENA regions most beautiful and interesting destinations. Available in half hour and one hour formats.

Mountains, Medinas and Mosques: Exploring Exotic Morocco's Diverse Landscape and Colorful Culture

Morocco is a country as much defined and shaped by its people as by its geography. A rich mix of ancient history, dramatic landscapes, vibrant colors, and a thriving modern culture of Berber, Arab and French heritage. Ancient medinas and towering mosques dominate city skylines. The mighty Sahara desert, white-capped rugged peaks of the High Atlas Mountains and turquoise waters of the Mediterranean provide breathtaking views. Even its costal cosmopolitan cities exude an air of the exotic and mystical as the call to prayer echoes off glass and steel of modern skyscrapers. Join Genevieve Hathaway, Director of ArchaeoAdventures Tours, on a visually stunning journey through exciting and exotic Morocco. Genevieve will share what this fascinating county has to offer travelers. Explore the enchanting and color-coordinated Imperial cities of Morocco (Fez, Marrakech, Casablanca and Chefchaouen), navigate the ancient caravan routes over the High Atlas Mountains on the ‘Road of a Thousand Kasbahs’, learn about the fierce and proud Berber culture, get off the beaten path with the Bedouin, take a memorable camel trek through the towering dunes of the Sahara desert, and gain tips on connecting with Morocco’s friendly locals. Available in half hour and one hour formats.

Travels Beyond the Great Pyramid: Discover the Best of Egypt

The Pharaohs, ancient temples and monuments, and legendary tombs of Egypt still draw us in millennia after this ancient civilization. Whether visiting the legendary Pyramids of Giza or diving in the Red Sea or marveling a Tutankhamun’s treasures or mosque-hopping in Islamic Cairo or a pilgrimage to important religious sites – Egypt has an adventure or two for every traveler. Egypt is often known for the Great Pyramid and King Tut, but has much more to offer travelers. In this presentation, Genevieve discuss what this fascinating and history-rich country has to offer travelers -- both the well-known highlights and the more off the beaten path experiences and sights. As a professional photographer, her presentation is accompanied by stunning images from a decade and a half of working, living, and photographing Egypt. Available in half hour and one hour formats.

Discover Jordan and Petra

Jordan has been delighting travelers for decades with its stunning world heritage sites, dramatic landscapes, tasty food, legendary local hospitality and famous ancient cities, especially Petra. Join Genevieve Hathaway, Founder of ArchaeoAdventures Tours, on a photographically beautifully journey through the best of Jordan and Petra. It is an exciting area of the world to explore - the modern metropolis of Amman, well-preserved Roman ruins of Jerash, dramatic Mars-like landscape of Wadi Rum, the famous below sea level Dead Sea, and the colossal Nabataean ruins of Petra. In this presentation, learn about the highlights and travel tips for exploring the very best of fascinating Jordan. Available in half hour and one hour formats.

Turkey: Crossroads of East and West

Located where east meets west, Turkey is a modern, secular nation with a rich history, stunning natural beauty, diverse landscapes, impressive Ottoman-era mosques, famous ancient sites, and a vibrant culture that thrives in both countryside hamlets and modern cities. Turkey’s different geographic regions are wildly diverse, yet each packed with stunning scenery, important historical sites and friendly locals. Built on the divide where the Asian and European continents meet, Turkey’s capital city of Istanbul, dates back to the golden age of ancient Greece. Today, Istanbul balances staying true to its history and tradition, while growing as a modern city. Divided by the Bosphorus, the river is the locals’ lifeblood – along with Turkish coffee, sesame bread rolls, Turkish Delight and beautifully restored Ottoman bathhouses. Along the breathtaking Aegean coastline travelers enjoy white sandy beaches, secluded coves, turquoise waters, quaint sea towns, and well-preserved Greco-Roman cities, including Ephesus, Troy, Pergamon and the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus. Termed the Turkish Rivera, the Turquoise coast has wonderfully preserved old cities with cobbled laneways, Roman period harbors and forested mountains that drop straight into the Mediterranean. The Central Anatolia and Cappadocia region of Turkey is known for its excellent hiking trails, underground cities, and early monastic cave churches. With its otherworldly, moon-like topography of honeycombed free-standing rock structures and fields of conical-shaped granite pillars, Cappadocia is an unforgettable location. Turkey’s Black Sea coast and eastern regions take travelers off the beaten path to misty mountains, picturesque Ottoman period villages, mountain monasteries and palaces, tasty local cuisine, and the famous ghost city of ancient Ani. Join Genevieve Hathaway, Travel Photographer/Filmmaker and Founder of ArchaeoAdventures Tours, on a visually exquisite adventure through the very best this fascinating country has to offer travelers. Available in half hour and one hour formats.

Select Lectures, Seminars and Workshops:

Video Marketing Panel, ITB. Panel Moderator. Berlin, Germany. March 2019.

WORKSHOP: Be a Storybuilder - Influence Your Customer Through Storytelling. Adventure Travel Trade Association's AdventureNext Near East conference. Dead Sea, Jordan. May 2018.

Panelist on From Start Up to Group Up - How to successfully develop and grow your enterprise Panel. This panel was part of the Entrepreneurship in Travel series by ATM & Women in Travel. Arabian Travel Market. April 2018.

Mentor at the Women in Travel Group Mentoring Session. Arabian Travel Market. April 2018.

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"Gear for Gals in Pakistan and Beyond: Gender Equality in the Greater Middle East and North Africa through Women Mountaineers." NW Peaks Brewery's Wednesday Adventure Series; Seattle, WA. October 2015. 

Lead Lecturer. Led workshops on leadership and entrepreneurship.  Fuerteventura, Canary Islands, Spain. March 2015. 

Keynote Speaker. "War on Walls: Egypt's Arab Spring Street Art Movement." Revisiting the Arab Spring, World Affairs Council; Seattle, Washington. February 2015. 

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