Seattle Opera: Capital Campaign (Stills + Motion Project) - Genevieve Hathaway

Video & Photo Campaign: Commissioned by Seattle Opera to shoot a stills and video campaign to promote and advertise the building of their new administrative building, a $60 million capital campaign project. This project consisted of 3 videos,  a 30 second promo video, and marketing photos. The video Unlocking Opera for All was chosen as the main promotional long-form video of the campaign.

Main Campaign Promotional Video

Seattle Opera Capital Campaign: Unlocking Opera for All

Additional Campaign Videos

Seattle Opera Campaign: Civic Impact

Seattle Opera Capital Campaign: Artistic Impact

Seattle Opera Capital Campaign Short Promo Video

Renderings: NBBJ, MOTYV
Cinematography: Genevieve Hathaway, Bill Mohn, Evelyn Osborn
Photography: Philip Newton, Elise Bakketun, Genevieve Hathaway
Video Editing: Genevieve Hathaway
Director: Genevieve Hathaway
Producers: Genevieve Hathaway and Krina Turner

Seattle Opera Capital Campaign Photos

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