Living in the Shadow of Ani. Eastern Turkey. - Genevieve Hathaway
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The ancient city of Ani

The ancient city of Ani is a ruined medieval-era Armenian city now situated in Turkey's province of Kars. It is located next to the closed border with Armenia. From 961 AD to 1045 AD, Ani was the capital of the Bagratid Armenian kingdom covering present-day Armenia and eastern Turkey. Nicknamed the "City of 1001 Churches," it stood at the crossroads of many trade routes. At the peak of it's power and influence, Ani's once magnificent churches, palaces, and fortifications were some of the most technically and artistically advanced structures in the world. During Ani's golden age, its population was around 100,000 people. Today it's a collection of crumbling buildings and walls scattered across miles of farm land on the Armenian-Turkish boarder.

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