Jordan: Extraordinary Beauty and Adventure

I'm excited to share a newly released client video with you - created for ArchaeoAdventures Tours. It’s been the product of months of work in the digital editing room and many weeks filming across Jordan. We hope this video inspires you to add Jordan to your travel bucket list.

There are so many folks to thank for making this video possible. A big thank you to all the amazing folks at the Jordan Tourism Board for their help with our in-country filming. They were a pleasure to work with, a wonderful team of people passionate and dedicated to sharing their beautiful country with travelers, and they made it possible for us to shoot some incredible footage in Jordan.

Jordan: Extraordinary Beauty and Adventure was directed, filmed and produced by Genevieve Hathaway Productions. Genevieve Hathaway was the director. Juan Lema filmed the drone footage. The footage was shot by Genevieve Hathaway and Juan Lema. A big thank you to our main travelers featured in this video: Adventure Journalist Morgan Tilton and Jordan local guide Ali Haroun. Thank you for your enthusiasm, willingness to get the shot and always game for one more take. 

I would like to thank the Adventure Travel Trade Association for their help on this project. Part of this video was shot during the AdventureNext Pre-Adventure.

I’d also like to thank many other folks who were integral to the making of this video: our guides Nader Saleh and Ibrahim Al Wahsh, our local guides Salameh Abu Musa and Ali Haroun, Whiskey the Donkey, our logistic support Terhaal Adventures and Experience Jordan. And another very big thank you to our adventure travel colleagues Aaron Bible, Andreea Feti, Felipe Teixeira, Gisella Motta, James Scipioni, Katherine Vallera, Prabhat Verma, Timothy Tan, and Tom Sargeant whose patience, great drone modeling and help on this project was immensely appreciated. Loved sharing the adventures in Jordan with you all!

Juan and I would  like to give a very special shout out and thank you to Khaled Qda whose knowledge, experience, expertise, assistance and good humor made this one incredible project to work on and was invaluable in filming in Jordan.

Enjoy this adventure through Jordan!


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