Bouchra Baibanou Makes History! Completes 7 Summits! - Genevieve Hathaway

From the ancient medinas of Morocco to the towering peaks of the 7 Summits – Bouchra Baibanou has made history and shattered gender barriers to become the first Moroccan to complete the 7 Summits.

On December 16, 2018, she battled frostbite and the Antarctica winds to summit Mt. Vinson and complete the 7 Summits. A software engineer from Rabat, Bouchra first fell in love with mountaineering while climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro. After 8 years of pushing through boundaries, she completed the last of the 7 Summits.

Beyond breaking the glass ceiling of mountaineering in Morocco, Bouchra also empowers women through her workshops, bootcamps and public speaking. She is pushing for greater gender equality and helping women believe in themselves, reach goals, and get outside hiking and climbing.

As part of my Women Rising project, I spent the past 4 years documenting Bouchra's journey from Morocco to summitting the world's tallest peaks. This project documents her journey to become the first Moroccan to climb all 7 Summits and her mission to bring about greater gender equality in Morocco through inspiring and helping more women participate in adventure sports. Bouchra is making history and breaking through glass ceilings.

Big congratulations Bouchra on this incredible accomplishment!

Follow Bouchra's journey here.

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